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"Synonymous with the very best in roofing performance and dependability.”

In keeping with a tradition for being innovative, Thaler Metal is constantly thinking of new and better ways to enhance roofing system performance through recognized dependability. Thaler Metal, always has a better idea. Construction Professionals will continue to benefit from Thaler's Metal commitment to providing state-of-the-art, consistently better roofing products while assuring Roof Consultants, Contractors, and Building Owners 100% roof penetration protection - an affirmation backed by the Thaler Metal 20 Year Warranty!

Please feel free to contact us for: Estimating/Pricing, Engineered Stamped Layout, Shop Drawings, Prototypes/Samples, Product Literature, and Custom Product Design.

Our Mission
To conscientiously listen to the needs of our partnering patrons and be obligated and accountable to provide technical knowledge, superior quality products and service they need to benefit their business.

• CAD Drawings available upon request
• HLL (Horizontal Life Line); Proposals & Design
• Testing & Inspection
• Support – through - Consultation – Senior Estimators & P.Eng.
• Detailed Installation Instructions
• Custom Fabrication to spec.

Toronto Construction Association   Intertek Certification
Construction Specifications Canada   Canadian Standards Association
Roofing Consulting Institute   Oirca
Miami-Dade County    

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